Updates: 2020 General Election

League of Women Voters of Nevada will be posting updates for the 2020 General Election and mail-in voting on this page.

Please watch this video of Clark County Registrar of Voters, Joe Gloria, explaining the voting process: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=334716017967134&extid=BAQ0NpINIhMkl5Fi

The League of Women Voters of Northern Nevada hosted a Zoom meeting with Deanna Spikula on “How Safe is My Vote?” You can watch the meeting here:

**Once voting begins, voters can check on the status of a mail-in ballot through this web-portal** https://www.nvsos.gov/votersearch/

Clark County is in desperate need of poll workers, it is a paid position, so please apply here: Election Workers

Clark County Election Department Updates:

Washoe County Election Department Updates:

Polling and Dropbox locations

Voter Registration and Elections Information

Our Secretary of State’s Office created a processes, facts, and myths page that includes a PDF handout of Facts & Myths: 2020 General Election: Processes, Facts, & Myths

If you cannot find the information you need on this blog page, please email: AskLWVNV@gmail.com


Here is the text of the new law, Assembly Bill 4:


You can register to vote or update your current registration here:


Nevada has restored voting rights for the formerly incarcerated, click here to read more

Here is a general election explainer:

2020 General Election Explainer PDF

2020 General Election Explainer

Here is detailed research on the security of mail-in voting:

Security of Mail-in_ballots

Here are three Washoe County specific explainers and voting plans, thanks to Indivisible Northern Nevada for these resources:

Washoe County Election Instructions INNV

My Voting Plan from INNV

Mi Plan para Votar de INNV

Here is an interview with Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria about the election process:

Zoom Interview with Joe Gloria

Here is a presentation by Deputy Sec. of State for Elections Wayne Thorley at the Advisory Committee for Participatory Democracy:


Here is a social media post with the basic general election processes:


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Here is the latest Clark County Election Department’s website and newsletter:


CC Election Department Newsletter PDF

Carson City Election Department:


Churchill Election Department: https://www.churchillcounty.org/115/Elections 

Douglas Election Department:  https://cltr.douglasnv.us/elections/

Elko County Election Department



Esmeralda https://www.accessesmeralda.com/elections/index.php

Eureka http://www.co.eureka.nv.us/clerk/elect00.htm

Humboldt     https://www.hcnv.us/317/Elections





Lyon  https://www.lyon-county.org/801/Elections

Mineral    http://mineral.nv.gov/


Nye http://www.nyecounty.net/236/Elections

General election info:  https://www.nyecounty.net/DocumentCenter/View/37090/Notice-of-General-Election-2020

Nye elected offices: https://www.nyecounty.net/DocumentCenter/View/34268/List-of-Elected-Offices-2019

Pershing https://www.pershingcountynv.gov/government/clerk-treasurer/elections.php

Storey  http://www.storeycounty.org/208/Election-Information

2020 Elections Guide (posts 2/2020): http://www.storeycounty.org/DocumentCenter/View/18328/2020-Election-Guide

Washoe https://www.washoecounty.us/voters/

White Pine http://www.whitepinecounty.net/162/Elections

Nevada Secretary of State’s Website: https://www.nvsos.gov/sos/elections

Check the status of your mail-in ballot here: https://www.nvsos.gov/votersearch/

If you cannot find the information you need, please email: AskLWVNV@gmail.com

Here are videos showing how to mark your ballot and how to return your ballot:

How to mark your mail-in ballot in English and en Espanol

How to return your mail-in ballot in English and en Espanol

Here are examples of the ballot envelope, the ballot, and the return envelope.

This is the envelope that will arrive with the ballot and return envelope enclosed.

Arrival Envelope PDF

Right-click on this image and select Save Image As to download this jpeg.

Here is an example ballot.

Sample Ballot PDF

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Here is an example of the return envelope.

Return Envelope PDF

Right-click on this image and select Save Image As to download this jpeg.

You can donate to League here and find your local League to join: http://www.lwvnv.org/

You can learn more about LWV here: https://www.lwv.org/about-us