Fair Maps Nevada: Anti-Gerrymandering Ballot Question

If you are interested in the League of Women Voters of Nevada and Indivisible Northern Nevada Fair Maps Nevada ballot question, you can read more here:

Fair Maps Nevada Redistricting Reform Ballot Question

You can also hear a brief description of the ballot question here:


You can read the federal judge’s orders extending our signature-gathering deadline:

Fair Maps Nevada et al v. Cegavske et al

Fair Maps [#48] Consent Decree

You can read our attorney’s response to the legal challenge of our description of effect here: Letter to Kevin Benson – dated 12-17-2019

You can read our response to Judge Russell’s order ending the legal challenge and allowing us to start gathering signatures here: Fair Maps Nevada Response to Judge Russell’s Ruling

You can read Mr. Benson’s appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court and our attorney’s motion to dismiss with sanctions here:

Appeal & Motion to Dismiss

You can read the Nevada Supreme Court’s Denial of our Motion to Dismiss here:

Motion to Dismiss Denied

You can read plaintiff’s motion here:

Plaintiff’s Brief

You can read our response to the plaintiff’s brief here:

Our Motion in Response to the Plaintiff’s Brief

You can read the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that rejected a lawsuit against Michigan’s independent redistricting commission.  The court’s majority ruled that restrictions on who can serve on a redistricting commission, to limit conflicts of interest, do not violate constitutional rights.

Sixth Circuit Allows Michigan Redistricting Commission to Go Forward


You can read our response to a complaint plaintiff’s counsel filed against us with the Secretary of State’s Compliance Officer:

Fair Maps Nevada Response to Sandra Edwards

You can read our motion in federal court to gather signatures electronically:

Fair Maps Nevada PAC et al v. Cegavske et al Motion

You can read our response to the motion to dismiss our motion requesting action to gather signatures electronically and to extend the signature submission deadline here:

Response to Motion to Dismiss Fair Maps Nevada v. Cegavske


You can also view an episode of Face the State on Reno’s Channel 2 here:


If you would like to receive updates about our ballot question and/or help us with our signature petition drive, please reach out to us through this Google Form:


If you are interested in learning more about the League of Women Voters:




Statement on legal action against our ballot question