Fair Maps Nevada: Anti-Gerrymandering Ballot Question

If you are interested in the League of Women Voters of Nevada and Indivisible Northern Nevada Fair Maps Nevada ballot question, you can read more here:

Fair Maps Nevada Redistricting Reform Ballot Question

If you would like to volunteer to gather signatures for our ballot question, you can watch a brief instructional video here:


Here is a PDF version of the above video: Petition Signature Packet Instructions

Detailed instructions for circulating a petition signature packet are also available on the Secretary of State’s website: https://prezi.com/view/ZCbVg5K4sE0IAbSz6Zse/

You can print a petition signature packet here: Petition Signature Packet Fair Maps Nevada


You can read our attorney’s response to the legal challenge of our description of effect here: Letter to Kevin Benson – dated 12-17-2019

You can read our response to Judge Russell’s order ending the legal challenge and allowing us to start gathering signatures here: Fair Maps Nevada Response to Judge Russell’s Ruling

You can also view an episode of Face the State on Reno’s Channel 2 here:


If you would like to receive updates about our ballot question and/or help us with our signature petition drive, please reach out to us through this Google Form:


If you are interested in learning more about the League of Women Voters: