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LWVN Virtual Meetings

To ensure our community receives important information on upcoming elections, opportunities to engage in advocacy, and important updates on the current state of emergency, the League of Women Voters of Nevada will be offering a series of virtual meetings individually and through partnerships.

To receive notices about these meetings, please subscribe to this blog.

Our first meeting is this Wednesday, March 25th, from 6 to 7 pm, through Zoom.  We will provide information on running virtual voter registration drives, using All-Mail-In-Voting, and using social media for civic engagement.  You can RSVP here:



Appeal Filed & Motion to Dismiss Response

Despite winning the legal challenge against the Fair Maps Nevada description of effect, the prevailing attorney filed an appeal with the Nevada Supreme Court.

We are asking for the appeal to be dismissed and for sanctions.

You can read the appeal here:

Jackson v. Fair Maps – Case Appeal Statement

You can read our response here:

Motion to Dismiss and for Sanctions- Filed – version 1

You can read all the case pleadings here:

Nevada Supreme Court Appeal Pleadings

February 15, 2020 LWVSN Meeting Notes

Thanks to everyone who attended our Feb. 15th community meeting on Domestic Violence.  We heard from three awesome speakers who communicated with us from their hearts. 

Evelyn Pacheco told us about her journey out of an abusive relationship and into the pipe-fitter’s union, she was the first black woman to become a licensed plumber in Nevada.  Evelyn is now paying forward her good fortune to other women going through similar circumstances through Women in Trades. Women in Trades is a nonprofit that prepares women to take the skills and aptitude test required by most apprenticeships.

You can read more here:

Sybrina Bernabei introduced us to Gender Justice, a nonprofit that uses an intersectional approach to changing laws and policies that negatively impact the LGBTQiA community.  Sybrina helped us understand how to be more in-tune with abuse in LGBTQiA relationships and offered to include anyone seeking to become a better ally in her upcoming training sessions.

You can read more about Gender Justice here:

Maria Nieto from Mi Familia Vota shared her understanding of our undocumented community and domestic violence.  It can be very frightening for someone who is undocumented to report violence against them due to wanting to avoid being arrested too.  Mi Familia Vota is a trusted community partner that works to help these women and men get away from an abusive relationship safely.

You can read more about Mi Familia Vota here:

We also reviewed the events coming up over the next month, here are the details for each event:

On Thursday, February 20th, please join us for a screening of the new documentary film Uncivil War: US Elections Under Siege

The showing is at the Eclipse Theater, doors open at 6 pm, and admission is free.  RSVP here:

On Sunday, February 23rd, please join us for a Vegas City Opera, Voices of Women, celebration of Coretta Scott King.  The League of Women Voters of Southern Nevada is sponsoring this event, so admission is free.  The event is at the Summerlin Library and Performing Arts Center and it starts at 3 pm.   More information:

On Saturday, March 14th, please join the League of Women Voters of Southern Nevada and the College of Southern Nevada Women’s Alliance for our Status of Women Symposium.  The event will be at the West Charleston Campus, in the Student Union, starting at 9 am and ending at 3 pm.  A light breakfast and full lunch will be served.  We will have four panels: 1.  Women Breaking Barriers  2.  What is Privilege? 3. Taking Care of Your Mental Health Needs  4.  Why Women Bully Each Other (and how to stop).

The event is open to everyone, so if you’d like to spend the day with us, please RSVP here:

Sunday, March 15th, the League of Women Voters of Southern Nevada is sponsoring a second Voices of Women production with the Vegas City Opera on Sojourner Truth.   This event will be at the Windmill Library Auditorium, is free, and starts at 3 pm.  You can learn more about the event at:

Saturday, March 21st, is our League of Women Voters of Southern Nevada’s Meet the Judicial Candidates Forum at the CSN North Las Vegas Campus, in the Student Union, 8:30 to 11:00 am. 

We are inviting all the judicial candidates and the public to participate in this event.  We will review the different types of courts, questions judicial candidates cannot answer, and good questions to ask judicial candidates. Most of the event will be spent engaging with the candidates in three minute sessions.  With 60 judicial candidates on the ballot, League hopes to do everything possible to encourage voters to engage with and vote for the judges.

Anyone who would like to participate, can register here (we have the Election Department’s spreadsheet with all the candidates and their filed office, so we know which seat each candidate has filed for)

And, lastly, the League of Women Voters of Southern Nevada is co-sponsoring Tea with Alice and Me, a one-woman-play by Zoe Nicholson.  The play is March 28th, 5:00 to 8:00 pm, at the Clark County Library, 1401 East Flamingo Road, LV NV 89119.  You can purchase tickets here:

A reminder that the League of Women Voters of Southern Nevada Behavioral and Mental Health Committee meets the third Tuesday of each month to work on our workforce development agenda, which you can read more about here:  Please email for more information on attending.

Please consider inviting your friends and family to become a League member:

2011 Redistricting Maps

To answer questions about the 2011 redistricting maps here is Governor Sandoval’s Veto Message from his veto of one of the Democratic maps drawn during the legislative session:


Some are disputing the fact that the final congressional map drawn by special masters was clearly different from the two Democratic maps vetoed by the Governor.  The top two maps are the vetoed maps, while the bottom map is the final congressional map drawn by the special masters.


New: Free Redistricting Services

A new redistricting institute at the The Grainger College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is now offering free services to redistricting commissions.  The Institute for Computational Redistricting is using computational technology to make the redistricting process more transparent and accountable to voters.

The Institute’s mission aligns with the Fair Maps Nevada transparent redistricting reform amendment. 

“ICOR’s mission is to provide transparent approaches for redistricting grounded in computational methods, which serves the needs and values of the people. Their vision is for governments and legislative bodies to adopt transparent redistricting processes that empower all voters to express their choices for the elected officials who will represent them. As such, to have the greatest impact, ICOR offers its services, at no cost, to any state agency or commission seeking assistance with their redistricting process.

“When legislators pick their voters, rather than voters electing their legislature, we are a weaker nation.” Jacobson noted. “Creating a computational environment for transparent redistricting is a huge leap forward in combating gerrymandering and empowering voters within our democratic system.”